Congratulations to Jean Humphries on her retirement.

Congratulations to Jean Humphries on her retirement.

The Staff at the Bramley Agency would like to congratulate Jean Humphries on her retirement and wish her all the best as she approaches this new stage in her life. We thank her for her 18 years of service to the agency and her many clients. Beth Little will be taking over all of Jean's clients moving forward.

COVID-19 Payment Update

To all Insureds

Are you having financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and are unable to pay premiums that are due? Your insurance company can assist you by suspending cancellation for nonpayment and allowing you to pay the premium over a 12-month period. If your premiums are financed, you will be given 60 days (90 days for life insurance) to make your payment before cancellation of the policy is requested by the finance company. You may also be eligible to pay your missed installment payment over a period of 12-months.

This also applies if you are a small business-any business that is resident in this state, is independently owned and operated, and employs 100 or fewer individuals.

In order to take advantage of these extensions, the insurer or finance company will need from you a written statement that you are having financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
A recent Executive Order issued by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo set forth the details that insurers must abide by in implementing the premium relief that has been mandated for policyholders financially impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions about this premium payment assistance, or need help with the process, please do not hesitate to contact our agency at 607-746-2195


J Bramley and Associates, Inv.

Congratulations to Beth Little for passing the NYS insurance agents exam.

Congratulations to Beth Little for passing the NYS insurance agents exam.

She is now officially a licensed insurance agent ready to serve the insurance needs of our clients.

Medicare Information

We offer different coverage for both Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans. Learn how you may qualify to change plans anytime throughout the year. Learn how to cover gaps you may have in your current drug plan. Call today and ask for Cecil Davis for more information.

Flood Assistance

FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 between 7am and 10pm seven days a week
Online at:
Information you will need:
Social security number
Current mailing address
Address of damaged property
Brief description of damage
Insurance information- policy number and agents name
Phone number where you can be reached
Any questions regarding your coverage please call our office
Toll free 888-246-7875 Mon-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Collector Car Insurance

J. Bramley and Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that you can now insure your collector car with Hagerty Insurance. Click on the logo for more information.

Identity Theft

Did you know you can add coverage to your homeowners policy to help you with the costs associated with having your identity stolen? You can get Professional Assistance to take you through the process of regaining your identity and cover cost such as lost income from time taken from work to handle this situation, mailing expenses, cost of documents needed to prove your case, and more. Call today to find out how to add this coverage.

Limited Coverage

Are you aware that most homeowner policies have limits for coverage on certain items? Money, securities, jewelry, furs, guns, and silverware are some of the types of personal property that carry specific limits of coverage. Find out how to cover these items properly on a valuable personal articles floater.

Flood Insurance

• Are you aware that your Homeowners insurance policy does not cover damage from flood?
• Have the new flood maps put your home in a flood zone when previously you were not?
• Have you made a claim with FEMA in the past for flood damage but have not purchased a flood policy yet?
• Get answers to these questions and more by calling and speaking with one of our insurance professionals today